Thank you for your support. Please, have a free e-book on me  (link arriving soon).


I’d be utterly, utterly delighted to have you in my team. I know it sounds kinda super-pious, but I really do believe that the most important support is prayer. God has blessed me with capability, I have a huge tendency to do things in my own strength, because I know I can (and then I occasionally fall spectacularly on my face!)

So the verse to write large on my mirror is ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain‘ (Ps 127:1). I would hugely value your prayers for me to hear clearly where God wants some building done, then I’ll be right along with my shovel.prayer with bear

Click the button on the right and I’ll keep you posted with prayer requests and answers (but not too often so that I don’t clog your inbox).

You don’t have to be the American president or a drop-dead gorgeous hunk to join my prayer team, but the latter helps. Obviously.


Ah yes. There’s this kind of support too. But I’m British; we don’t talk about money.

Never-the-less, college is expensive, books cost money and cars don’t run on air. And my children have developed an annoying habit of wanting to eat.

If you’d care to sponsor me you’ll be helping me on my way to full-time Christian work. (And I won’t have to sell my children on ebay.)

£9 buys a commentary and £16 gets me to college for a day (it’s an 80-mile round trip). £45 per month will cover course fees for one module.

You can make a one-off gift or set up monthly support (which would be very helpful for planning), and you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Using Stewardship

stewardshiplogoI am a registered recipient with, which has set up a support fund for my ministry. You can support me by making gifts to Stewardship for my fund, and where applicable, your gifts can be increased by 25% using Gift Aid, if you are a UK tax-payer.

If you want to sign up online, they don’t have Bible college students searchable at the mo (dunno why) so they say to drop them a secure message with either my name or recipient number 20205389 and they will set it up for you.

stewardship contact

If you prefer a paper form, just ask and I’ll send you one. You can email me as anewfayz ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com (remove all spaces and insert magic symbols).

Using Paypal

However if you don’t want to use Stewardship, or if you don’t pay UK tax, you can just click the button below to make a credit or debit card donation via PayPal.  You don’t need a Paypal account to do this, and you can make regular or one-off donations.

Donate with PayPal  Or you can visit this link:

Other Methods

If you’d prefer to do a good old standing order, drop me a line and I’ll pass you my bank details. Of course, leaving a pile of diamonds on my doorstep is also fine. Or Colin Firth. Just sayin’.

And don’t forget that anything you buy through Amazon can help raise funds for books. Just click on the links on the right/below and choose your product as normal.