I’m getting through books like a very hungry caterpillar through one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon.

Here are some of them (and other favourites) from Amazon. If you click through ANY link and buy ANYthing (whatever you were going to buy anyway) Amazon will give me some pennies that will buy me … oh I dunno, more books!

I have said for years that church does not have to be 10am on a Sunday morning in a draughty Victorian building – nice to know the mainstream agrees!
Fresh! An Introduction to Fresh Expressions of Church and Pioneer Ministry

Whatever your views on women’s ministry, you should read this book. It has serious, well-reasoned, Biblical arguments on all the points, not shying away from any ‘difficult’ texts, yet always remaining friendly and respectful. An exemplary disagreement. Read it and come to your own reasoned conclusion.
The Gender Agenda

What is theology?
I love this definition from Anselm, ‘Faith seeking understanding’. It starts with faith – otherwise it is merely an intellectual pursuit. Its goal is understanding – otherwise it is blind credence. It is seeking – present continuous tense, an on-going search for each of us to move closer to the truths to which our human language of God can only approximate.
Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology

OK, so it’s nothing to do with theology – A girl can read for fun, can’t she?
It’s a great romp through the wizarding word of Harry Potter, and I have to say, I’d never have imagined that Dobby would do that!
Sorry, did I say that out loud. Spoiler alert!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One & Two (Special Rehearsal Edition): The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production

We don’t need theology, we just need to read the Bible, surely?
Well, yes, but a whole load of folks who just read the Bible come up with a whole load of different (and sometimes scarily weird) things they think it says. So, yeah, it’s important to learn how to be sure what the Bible says and doesn’t say.
Who needs theology?: Invitation to the Study of God

If you only get one book, get this!
A very thorough and very readable survey of all major doctrines, from many perspectives.
The mosaic of Christian belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity and Diversity

Yes. You’re right. In no way could this be considered a book. Not at all. BUT IT IS SO TOTALLY FAB!!! It went down a storm at holiday club and I’m sure I’ll use it lots and lots
Shark Attack Bite Novelty Unisex Jaws Style Plush Fancy Dress Costume Gimmick Fish Hat

Great commentary from a great series. These are ones I’m trying to collect, fortunately, often available second-hand from Amazon.
The Message of Isaiah: On Eagle’s Wings (The Bible Speaks Today)

Bunyan got your onion? Like the story but can’t hack the language? Panic not, fair reader! J John is here to save the day. A modern re-working of the classic allegory.
Pilgrim: John Bunyan’s the Pilgrim’s Progress a Contemporary Retelling