Writing, Writing, Just Keep Writing …

“Write an e-book”, they said.
“It’ll be easy”, they said.
“You’ll make a million”, they said – OK, they didn’t say that.
Here’s the story so far.

Idea number 1:

Easy-peasy. I’ll just take the best and most popular posts from The Reflectionary and make them into a book. Possible title: A Bucketful of Ideas. I could even do follow-up projects such as ‘A Crackerful of Ideas for Christmas’, ‘A Beakerful of ideas with Science’. No problem!

Problem number 1:

There are lots of crafts. They need lots of photos. That means lots of time and set up, and images can be a bit tricky in e-books.

Hmmn. I might try something easier for a first book.

Idea number 2:

Labyrinths. I love labyrinths,. I love drawing them, walking them, making them. But I know some people find labyrinths daunting because they don’t know how to join everything up, and how big their labyrinth will be and will it fit in their space?

Solution: I could easily make a book telling people an easy way to draw labyrinths and I could do all the maths for them so that they know how big it will come.

So I do all the maths, and very much enjoy that. I make tables of figures and draw diagrams to show the construction and take photos of some samples – great!

Problem number 2:

Ah – tables and diagrams and photos. Again with the images. Would be a good thing to do, but not for a first book.

Idea number 3:

Just words. I need something that is just words. OK, a book on prayer.
Title: … But I’m Rubbish at Praying – 101 ideas to re-boot your quiet time (by someone who finds it hard too).

Awesome. Going well. Very useful for me to be writing this because I get to try out a whole load of the ideas. Include chapters on how not to pray and how not to read your Bible (actually that could be a whole separate booklet),  links to on-line resources, stories of people’s experiences …

Problem number 3:

I’m already over 30,000 words. That’s great, but it’s not exactly a starting book, is it?

Idea number 4:

Just words. No images. Short.

Got it! Scripts. I can gather the scripts that I’ve written and publish them. It’ll be quick because it’s already written. All I need to do is the formatting and a little polishing. It does not need lots of ‘how to’ photos. It’s not going to turn into War and Peace.

Problem number 4:


Ummmn, nothing yet. I’ll let you know.

So I’ll stop writing this and get on with that.

Writing, writing, just keep writing.
Writing-writing-writing, just keep writing …



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