Summer Update

Welcome to the latest news from Chez Fay!

DSCN0679What’s been happening this summer? A lot of cake!

Middle daughter made a fab cake for youngest’s birthday at the start of June. Isn’t this awesome! 

July saw the end of term nosh-up at Wesley House. I’ve had a wonderful first year there and I’m looking forward to seeing  what I get to study next year. I’m the only continuing undergrad (there are a lot of one-year placements, sabbaticals and research students) so it’ll be slightly strange being  the ‘old hand’.

Over the summer break I’m taking another module with Spurgeon’s (looking at different spiritualities). I’ll look to do the essay for that when the girls are back at school. I’m also keeping the Greek ticking over, but mostly I’m writing. You can read about that in the next post, and there will be samples for your comments here in due course. 

Right now it’s the middle of the summer holidays and I’m having great fun spending time with my girlies. We’re doing jigsaws, visiting butterfly gardens, making cakes and painting t-shirts. I can fit writing and study in quite easily because mostly they don’t get up until the day is half gone!

heart egg 6

One of the most fun projects was making squeggs and heggs – square and heart-shaped eggs. You can find instructions at my weekly resources blog, The Reflectionary.  That resource is going very well. I recently had my best-ever post, which reached 12,000 people! Yikes!

I’ve just read back to my last post and seen that I’d set myself a target to have something on Kindle by the start of term, so – on with the writing (and then I think we might make some cakes!)




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