Where Did That Go?

I can’t believe that my last post was before Christmas – well I can, I saw the date, but you know what I mean.

It’s been a whirl of a while, so here are the edited highlights:

Books have featured a LOT. Here’s me in our fab new library overlooking the courtyard, and my desk barely visible in mid-essay.

I really enjoy the challenge of essay-writing; it’s the perfect excuse to grapple with topics that are easily swept under the carpet ‘to think about later’. In Michaelmas term I write essays for courses I studied in Romans (yeah, just the whole of Romans in 8 weeks), and Mission, Apologetics and Contemporary Culture. In Lent term I studied Deuteronomy and audited Mark (which means I went to the lectures but didn’t do the essay and don’t get credit for it).

I’ve nearly finished Easter term, which has no lectures, because many folks have exams. However we have continued with Life and Service, which at one point involved preaching a mini-sermon, and having it torn to sheds by the class (only slightly). We have also continued with chapel, community meals and Methodist Theology and Spirituality on Thursday evenings. For this we have been treated to some pretty luminary speakers, although I have to confess that with early lectures necessitating a 7:45am departure, some evenings found me propping my head up in what I hoped was an attentive and erudite angle.

The end of April saw the formal rededication of Wesley House after the huge building project. Here’s me looking slightly smug with HRH Prince Edward (alumnus of Jesus College, next door) and trilling a descant in the chapel afterwards. We now have a smart new gatehouse, seminar rooms, HUGE library, posh dining room / conference room and it’s all lovely blond oak and carved stone. In the new accommodation block are photos of student stretching back to, well, when cameras were invented, really. I’m in a photo right at the very top.

Unfortunately, at the same time something weird happened so that I woke up one morning peering through smoked glass into a dim room filled with swirling black snow. It turned out that the jelly-goo in one eye had partially peeled away from the back, which was very naughty of it. It’s not fixable, but not serious provided it does not at the same time detach the retina. Which it didn’t.

My sight has now improved, but I’m probably stuck with the swirling masses that make everything look like I have jelly snakes dancing the tango on my glasses.

With term almost over (we just have an end of term dinner next week) there were jolly jaunts, courtesy of my lovely tutor, Carole. Here’s a rare photo of Fay doing something slightly sporty. I am not at all embarrassed to admit that Eleanor was more proficient at punting than I was.

And now, as summer break looms, I’m taking it easy – sitting back and resting, enjoying the well-earned break, relaxi … nah.

I’ve signed up for a module with Spurgeon’s Online again and am teaching myself New Testament Greek. (The photo says ‘[the] beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ’.) I’ll be getting on with writing over the summer, with a view to getting something on Kindle by the start of term. (There, I’ve written it down, so now I have to do it!)

but first, I must sleep. Night all!

thank you for walking this journey with me,




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