Festive Felicitations!


I am sitting on the sofa, my feet in a blanket, reindeer antlers on my head, coffee in my Harry Potter mug and and drivel on the telly – it must be a Rowland Family Christmas!

Life is good. Term has finished and we are at peace. I had my first essay back a couple of days ago and all is OK. I was concerned that my mathematical mind might not adapt too well to theology, and I’d not be able to keep up – this is Cambridge after all. But it was fine and  I’m a happy bunny 🙂 If you’d like some bed-time reading, it’ll be posted on The Reflectionary on 26th

I want to work on my e-book and get a bit of Greek done over the Christmas holiday (yes, I understand that is not the normal meaning of the word ‘holiday’). I’m also due to start on the Methodist study program Worship: Leaders and Preachers after Christmas. There’s nothing like doing only one thing at at time, eh? But in between all that there will be plenty of time for chillin’ with my babes, pressies, mince pies and telly-drivel.

May the birthday blessings of prince of peace be with you and your loved ones, as with me and mine,



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