Winter Drawers On!

And very comfy they are, too. As the nights lengthen, what’s the latest news Chez Fay?

dscn5082Well, amid my birthday celebrations (plenty of chocolate and cake) I’ve just submitted the first essay for my course in Theology, Ministry and Mission at Wesley House, Cambridge. That one was ‘the history of interpretation of Rom. 5:12’. (2,500 words on one verse!) Now I am choosing the next essay title – what do you think?

‘Secular’ or ‘pagan’? Which is the better description of contemporary Western culture, and what do your conclusions mean for Christian engagement?

Yeesh! This is soooo different from the study I’ve done before. Good to learn and grow, though. Other titles feature phrases like ‘antagonistic postmodernity’ and ‘echoes of Christendom’. Hmmn. Come back algebra, all is forgiven. We’ll find your x together.

westminster-collegeSeriously though, the course is fab – what a privilege! The lecturers are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about our faith. The libraries are awesome! (This is  the library of Westminster College, where I have a lot of lectures.) Over 110,000 items in the various theological colleges, and that’s not counting the university library itself. College worship in our beautiful chapel on Thursday evenings is a very precious time.

I am still writing Reflectionary, my church resources website, and I’m pleased to say that my readership there is growing. I have more subscribers every week, and posts regularly reach over 1000 additional readers. I’m also intermittently working on the sample book based on the resources available at Reflectionary, but that’s on hold for the moment while essays dominate. You can find all this on facebook or at

reindeer-foodI’m happily settling into Cornerstone Church and will be running the families’ craft section at the upcoming Christmas Fair. (Here’s a piccy of one of the crafts we’re going to do – cute eh?)  I’m also due to become more involved after Christmas, but further news of that in the next thrilling instalment.

Until that time, in case I don’t get to say it in person, festive felicitations and have a very haa … a haa …

I’m sorry. It’s only November still. I can’t bring myself to say it just yet.

Blessings, Fay



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