Murder on the A14

The Orient Express – the A14 to Cambridge – 41 miles, 51 minutes.
So says Google maps … The lying toad!


Here’s how Induction Week went:

tired-1Wednesday – set off 6:45am, (before children are up, not good).
Happy drive along A14 until Huntingdon then sit in a three-lane lorry park.
Arrive Wesley House (with oh-my-goodness a parking pass) 8:15.
Welcome meeting @ 9:30.
Finish 4ish.
Home 5:50.
Work 6:00.

tired-2Thurs – set off 8:45 after school run, (better).
Happy drive along A14 until Huntingdon then sit in another three-lane lorry park.
Turn off to Girton, get folding trike out of car, cycle to college.
Arrive 10:32.
Tutorial @ 10:30. Bum.
Finish 8:50pm, cycle back to Girton, pack trike back into car.
home by 10:20.
Completely whacked out.

tired-3Fri – set off 6:20 (yes, only 8 hrs after arriving home and have not seen Nelly since yesterday morning, very not good).
Rather upset drive along A14,  A1 and A428, trying to avoid the A14 lorry park.
Sit in Madingley Road lorry park instead.
Trike, cycle, arrive 8:15.
Chapel @ 8:00. Double bum.
Finish 12:30, cycle, drive.
Home 2:10.
Very, very very tired.
School run 3:00.
Work 4:00.
Bed 8:30.

So that was induction week. I thought it would be manic. It was. I thought the travel would be bad. It was. I thought the late Thurs to early Fri would be difficult. It was. Very.

What I had not factored in was my girls’ missing me and my missing my girls. That hurt. It really hurt. I had tears in my eyes as I walked out of the house on Friday morning. And to add guilt upon guilt I had a text from the friend who was ferrying them to and from school saying that middle child was ill and should she stay at home? I replied from the comfort of my lorry park that she should, knowing fully that this was a protest illness from a daughter wanting attention from a suddenly-absent mum.best_exotic_marigold_hotel

But normal lectures should be better, and life will settle down into a new way of being, and all shall be well, to quote Julian of Norwich.

Or perhaps it’s Sonny from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, “Everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not alright it is not the end.”





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