Wooo Hooo!

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

Being British and all, I really hate talking about money, and asking for it? Yeesh! But needs must, and it’s Biblical and all …

But still, kind of bowled over when I get little messages in my inbox saying so-and-so wants to support you. Thank you dear friends. I feel very blessed and loved. Thank you. (Have I said that before?)

Amazon are coming up trumps as well. You may have seen some (hopefully helpful and interesting) affiliate links here and on The Reflectionary. (Free resources for church / assemblies / youth / family work – do pop over there and help yourself.)

Links are on the home page here, and down the side if you’re on a pooty, or below if on a tablet/phone. (My phone doesn’t do that kind of thing. I have a dim phone, not a smart phone.) So please consider clicking through from one one my links when you go shopping, because  any time you buy anything from Amazon (if you get there via one of my links), kindly Amazon send me a percentage.

jelly strawbsAnd yesterday it happened!

Oh yes! – Big time funding here we come!

One of my readers ordered some pipe-cleaners and Amazon credited me with … hold on to your hats … 10p!

Hey, it’s a start. And, as my girls so pertinently noted, it’d buy two jelly strawberries from the corner shop by school.

Important stuff.


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