A Moving Time

st botsNine and a half years ago I arrived at St Bots church, with huge baby bump and two pre-schoolers in tow. We all settled and found a home amongst the lovely folk there and, as I write, we have just finished a wonderful week of holiday club. My elder two are now junior leaders and my youngest is in her penultimate year as a ‘kid’.

St Bots has been their family for as long as they can remember. It has also been a home to me, and is full of people I look up to, treasure, and regard as my family.

stepping outBut now, with much wistfulness and fond memories, I believe it is time to step out into a new adventure and a new church.

It’s a small, elderly church plant in an area of high unemployment and there is no children’s work at all, despite being opposite a primary school and having a lot of young families around. Totally different from St Bots.

It feels a bit like when I first left home for uni (which was a very long time ago). Apprehensive at leaving comfortable familiarity, but this is the time to go and the place to be. Stepping into the unknown, but I trust I’m going where God wants me, so it will be good.

listeningOf course, I’m just little old human fallible me, so I may have got this completely wrong. I’m rubbish at listening.

But if so, then it is a error honestly made with best effort of doing what I believe God wants, so I’m sure he’ll take that as a misguided but well-intentioned attempt at obedience, and count it worship none the less.



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