Introducing Trixiebelle!


Say hello to the latest member of the family. No, no, not  my daughter, the trike!

Cambridge is notoriously difficult by car, and having costed up the mileage and P+R fares and stuff, I conclude that the best solution is to drive to Girton (where they have black squirrels, I’m told) and to cycle in from there.

So here is Trixiebelle, my folding cargo trike. There is tons of room in the back for all my bags and books and shopping – and an ape in a cape, should I wish to start a taxi business for primates. (Popes? No, not that sort of primate, silly). She folds up to go into boot of my car and is great fun to ride, even if not leaning into corners is rather weird.

I tried out the run last weekend when I went to Cambridge for a training session in Godly Play. I’ll tell you about that in the next post. The cycle route was fab and I might even get a bit fitter too. win-win!


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